Thursday, October 23, 2008

What a lucky girl I am....

...two Ladie's Nights in one week, so I had to put it in the blog.

Heather, Christine and I went to Margarita's for Ladie's Night last Thursday and it was way overdue. We had great food, great drinks (sorry Heather next time you can have a drink!) and even better conversation (except for the waiter who kept bringing up the election...he was a great guy though)

Then on Saturday Mom, Aunt Carol, Sarah and I met for a day of shopping in Augusta. It was so much fun to just get together and shop, eat, drink and go to a movie (Nights at Rodanthe...a good movie, not so sure about the $17.50 we paid for the vat of popcorn and the gallons of soda, but oh well)

Um, by the end of the day it was a little difficult to shut the trunk!

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