Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Halloween Preview

Manny as Super Man:

At first Manny wanted to be Spiderman, but soon changed his mind to Super Man. As usual, I scoured eBay for a costume with Manny sitting on my lap in anticipation. Almost every costume on eBay was either too big for Manny or too small. At one point Manny said in a very small voice, "Maybe I can't be Super Man Mama". When I asked him, "Why do you say that?". "Because you can't find my size". It was at the moment, looking at his sad little face that I said, "Manny I don't care if Mama has to pay $100 for your Halloween costume, you WILL be Super Man for Halloween". He looked at me, smiled and said, "I love you Mama."

Kenzie as a Lady Bug. I was all set for Makenzie to be a pumpkin for Halloween, but then I found this Lady Bug costume from the same seller on eBay for $1.00. How can you not buy a costume this cute when it only costs $1.00?

She wasn't too thrilled with having her picture taken so Manny had to take it.

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