Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sometimes you just need a nap...

Somtimes, you just fall asleep wherever you are. Manny started out on the floor in the living room:

Moved to the couch in a curled-up position:

To stretched out on the couch (notice the drool...haha):

Monday, March 08, 2010

Valentine's Dance

Manny attended a Valentine's Day dance with his friend Brianna.

There were Shrine Clowns, games, pizza and of course music. Manny had a lot of fun, but was a little worried before we went into the building. He said to me, "Mama, what if I don't know how to dance?". I reassured him that he was a great dancer and that I was sure that he was going to have a lot of fun.

Manny with his balloon hat:

Dancing with Brianna: Trying to get Manny to just look at the camera and smile: