Monday, March 07, 2011

Kenzie Says....

"I don't really like my body, Mama. It's almost gray colored. Maybe I should paint my body a different color like pink and add some sparkles. Then it would be really pretty. Wouldn't that be neat?"

Walkie Hawkie=Walkie Talkie

Kenzie recently had a Diva Day with Grampa. A few days before the Diva Day Grammy was asking Kenzie where her and Grampa were going to go for lunch.

Kenzie replied, "Wendy's".
Grammy said, "well what if Grampa would rather go to a more special place than Wendy's?". Kenzie thought for a second and said, "Well, Grampa hasn't been to Wendy's in a long time and it will be special because he will be going to Wendy's with me."

When Kenzie grows up she would like to be a jump house so that all of her friends can come over, take their shoes off and jump. I try to clarify with her that she wants to own a jump house, but no she actually wants to be a jump house (this has gone on for at least a year).

One day I covered Kenzie in kisses. She looked at me all disgusted and said, "stop it! I can't move now those kisses are too heavy. Take some back!" She proceeded to wipe the kisses off and throw them at me.