Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A date with Manny

I had the opportunity to have a Mother-Son date with Manny. We went to John Bapst to see their production of Beauty and the Beast.

Manny decided that we should dress up for the event, so we went to the store because Manny wanted to wear a shirt and tie. He wanted a bow tie, but we couldn't find one.

We had great seats in the balcony. Manny was very excited to see Beauty and the Beast.
A standing ovation:
Manny was so impressed with the play and said that he liked the play better than the movie and wanted to go see the show again.

Manny and Gaston:
Manny and Belle:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kenzie's in the kitchen

Kenzie loves to cook. If she hears someone in the kitchen she runs out and asks if she can help.

Kenzie recently got to help Grammy make apple crisp...yum!

Playdate with Lucy.

Two crazy kids!

Diva Day!

For Makenzie's 3rd Birthday Grampa took Kenzie out for a Diva Day. She chose where to go, where to shop, where to eat, everything.

Kenzie was very excited to get to spend a whole day with just her and Grampa. She decided that she wanted to ride the escalator at Macy's, go to Wendy's for lunch and have a "white ice cream cone at the mall". Mission Accomplished.

Manny's Current Fashion Accessory

Manny doesn't go anywhere without his belt...even to bed!