Monday, October 29, 2007

Playing in the Leaves

We decided to play in the leaves this past weekend while Daddy was working on the club house.
Manny loved playing in the leaves and trying to throw them at Joe and I. It is funny that this year Manny loves the leaves and last year he didn't like them at all. What a difference a year makes.

56 Days Until Christmas...Manny thinks it is time to pick out presents...

In the newspaper this weekend was the Toys R Us Christmas toy ad. Manny LOVES looking at magazines, catalogues etc especially when they have toys in them. He even helped me out by pointing to EVERY toy that he wanted (which was just about everything).

Saturday, October 27, 2007


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Some of you might find this post a little too much information, some (mostly those who are/have been parents yourselves) will be sooooo excited.....

Manny pooped in the potty!!!!!

We had just changed him into a fresh diaper (of course) and pajamas and he started showing the signs of having to have a "bowel movement" (some may like that term better :). We decided to ask him if he wanted to sit on the potty. He said, "yes, little potty". He sat down and that was that.

He (and Joe and I) were way too excited than anyone should be over bodily waste, but hey, it was the first time he has EVER used his potty that has been sitting in the bathroom for almost 9 months now.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

All Figured Out

Last night, Joe, Manny and I were in the backyard doing some work on Manny's new club house. We were just talking (I can't even remember what we were talking about) and Manny says,

"Mama says no, Daddy says yes."

For not even 2 and a half years old, Manny pretty much has his parents all figured out.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What do you do on a day without a car?

Make Cookies!!
Yesterday my car was in the garage leaving Manny and I at home with no transportation, so we decided to make cookies.
Here are step-by-step directions for making cookies with Manny. *Disclaimer: Shirts are usually required, but when you have a two year old, you kind of pick and choose which battles you are going to tackle*
Step One: Bring your mixing bowl to the table:
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Step Two: Dump the cookie mix into the bowl. Yes, I know we didn't make the cookies from "scratch" as GG would say, but hey I was trying to document the steps and measuring flour, sugar etc takes a lot of work.
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Step Three: Stir the ingrediants together (so, we don't show the step of cracking the egg and adding the butter, but you get the idea)
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Step Four: Roll out the dough
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Step Five: Take multiple random samplings of the cookie dough for quality control purposes.
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Step Six: Use the cookie cutters to make shapes in the dough. Notice I didn't say remove the cookies once the shapes are made, just keep pressing the cookie cutters into the dough at random intervals.
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The cookie recipe said that the end result should be 2-3 dozen cookies. We ended up with 1 dozen...hmmm wonder what happend to all that cookie dough?

Friday, October 12, 2007

"Make 'em grow"

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Manny has insisted on helping me clean the house. Not that I mind, but his idea of cleaning is spraying everything in sight and then unrolling a whole roll of paper towels.

I tried giving him a plain spray bottle (like you would use for plants or naughty animals), however, this was not authentic enough for him. So I rinsed out an old 409 bottle and filled it with water.

I found Manny in the kitchen spraying our pumpkins. I asked him if he was cleaning the pumpkins? He said, "no make 'em grow, like Rabbit". (He was talking about Rabbit from his Winnie the Pooh book)

"Garden grow pumpkins" he was so proud that he was growing pumpkins.

I'll love you Forever...or until Mama is sick of reading this book

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Anyone ever read this book? It has a cute story....but it is SOOOO long! Manny insisted that I read it to him before his nap today (along with 16 other books) and I skipped a few pages.

Just as I had set down at the table to eat my corn chowder for lunch, I hear Manny laughing and coming towards me. He laughs and says, "Mama missed pages". He then proceeded to point out each page that I skipped. He then said, "Silly Mama".

At least he just thought I was being silly. Hmmm....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Girls VS Boys

Manny and I were enjoying a quiet ride home from Dexter on Tuesday just watching the changing leaves go by. Manny was in the back seat holding his "baby", who he has decided to name Kristian (his friend McKayla's little brother). Usually Manny falls asleep 2 minutes after we say goodbye, but apparently his 30 minute power nap at GG's was enough for him.

All of a sudden, Manny says, "Baby no penis". I asked him to repeat what he had just said. He did, and I had heard correctly. I looked back and he was looking up the dolls long nightgown and discovered that his baby did not have a penis.

Once I decided that 2 years old was old enough to learn the difference between boys and girls, I explained to Manny that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. He went through a short list of people he knew (Mama, Daddy, Grammy, GG, Uncle) and correctly identified their reproductive organs.

Later when Daddy got home, I told Joe that he should ask Manny what boys have. Manny stood up and proudly said "boys have penis, girls have a gina".

Joe was quite impressed with his little smarty-pants.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Another Month, Another New Excuse....

As to why the family blog is so far behind. We really have been busy. We have been on the go for the last month and we have had company and a week of vacation with Joe. I know, I know, I use the same excuse every time. Wait until baby #2 is here and then I will have more creative excuses to use :)

Manny's vocabulary has certainly been increasing with every day that passes.

Joe tried to clean the popcorn crumbs off Manny's face before going into the store (of course with a wet thumb....I know, I know, I used to hate when my Mom would do that to me when I was little, but desperate times call for desperate measures). Manny wrenched his head out of the way saying, "NO Daddy! Gross!!".

The other day I asked Manny if he could open the door for me so that we could go outside onto the deck, he looked at me and said, "Oh, of course, Mama". I have no idea where he got that one from.

Cranberries = Cran-babies
Old Navy = Old Baby
When he wants to be picked up/held = "Hold You" (instead of hold me)

"Oh, Yes of course"
"I can't believe it"

My "favorite" of the moment is his demanding "now". This one has just started.
"Manny play with Cars, NOW!"
"Manny go outside, NOW!"
...yep, that's a fun one.