Thursday, October 30, 2008

We had an incident today...

Makenzie and Manny were riding in the "car cart" at the grocery store when Makenzie decided she wanted out....and wasn't going to wait for me to help her.

She landed on the floor face-first and seemed to bounce (I am not sure she actually bounced, but in my imagination that is the horrifying image in my head).

I picked her up and there was blood streaming out of her mouth and all I could think of was, "Okay, I can take Manny to Christine's, I think my friend Holly is working in the ER today, hopefully she can do Makenzie's stitches....).

Fast forward ten minutes, we are back home, the bleeding has stopped and Makenzie is playing with Mac the Truck. Hmmmm...I may have overreacted.

Here is a picture of her lip (her right side is slightly puffy).

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Christine said...

Buckle up for safety, Kenzie. Buckle up for safety!