Monday, September 26, 2011

Breakfast with the cousins and then a morning of fun

Saturday was a busy day!  We started the morning by having breakfast with the cousins at Denny's.

Grace, Makenzie, Richelle and Manny had their own adults allowed!  They were all very well behaved and had a great time.  

Then we headed to Build and Grow at Lowe's where I need to remind myself NOT to try to help the kids with their projects.  When I help we always have to remove nails and re-do at least a few steps. 

Then to the fun part.  Lowe's had firetrucks, ambulances, an army truck, and a game warden boat there for the kids to see. 

Manny was so excited that the man let Manny try on his helmet...
...and the sunglasses...
...and let him in the truck...
...AND let him start the truck....
...can you tell he was a little excited?!

Trent is four!

What do the rest of us do while the big kids are at school?

We go to the gym, of course!  Where Christine and I have finally convinced Heather to join us!
Reed, Kristian and Makenzie at Bagel Central (is there really any other place to have lunch?):
After they have lunch it is the tradition to go pick out a petite-four, which is no easy task. 

Safety first as we walk down the street!