Monday, June 13, 2011

Playdate and lunch? Yes, please.

Kenzie and Kristian had a fun morning at the park.

And then we headed to lunch at our favorite spot, Bagel Central. The kids know if they behave during lunch and eat their fruit, they can each have a petite four.

Deciding what kind they were going to have:

Placing their order:

Comparing the insides (which were different colors):

Kid Central Festival

Bangor held its First Annual Kids Central Festival and of course we were in attendance.

We went to The Central Street Farmhouse to learn how to make root beer. Manny was very excited about this and even brought home the recipe. Each of the kids were able to bring home a bottle of root beer after learning about the long process to make it.

Then it was on to Giacomo's to make cannolis. The kids waited in line for quite a while to make their cannoli:

and it turns out that they were WELL worth the wait:

Little Sluggers

Manny started playing Little Sluggers T-ball and he loved it! They had games on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Of course he was joined with two of his best friends:

Manny, Ethan and Kaleb:

Easter Egg Time!

chocolate, sprinkles, frosting, and candy...OH MY!

Ethan and Addison came over to play so we decided it would be a good idea to make cupcakes!

The kids had a great time making the cupcakes, and decorating them. The hard part? Waiting for them to cool so they could decorate them!

A Visit to Westbrook

The kids and I decided to visit Uncle John, Aunt Carol, Sarah and Chris over April vacation. The kids pretty much think their house is the best place ever!

Kenzie had some bonding time with Remy...

...and with Chris:
The kids had a great time running around the Old Port and were convinced there was a geocache at every lamp post and landmark.

jumping on the bed with Chris:
Angry Birds!
Hanging out at LL Bean