Monday, July 07, 2008

Visiting with Uncle Phil and Grammy

Last week I picked Uncle Phil up from the airport on his way home from Tennessee and he got to spend the night at our house. Manny was very excited that when he woke up in the morning Uncle would be sleeping in the living room (Manny did come in and ask permission to wake Uncle up in the morning, which I thought was nice).

So, I can't figure out how to change the order of my pictures, so they are a little out of sequence.

Mom came down after work to pick Phil up and feed Kenzie a little contraband (it was soooo warm).

Uncle Phil reading Manny a story:

Hanging out with Kenzie:

Kenzie loving her popsicle:

Lazy days of Summer...Finally

We finally have some warm weather and Manny is loving his pool. Makenzie enjoys the pool too. She loves to sit in her float and be pushed around the pool while she runs her fingers in the water (very regal, I know). Joe and I have been in the pool several times too, however, I have found that I am turning into my mother when I say, "Don't splash me! If you want me to come in you have to stop splashing!". I cringe when I say it.

Makenzie didn't feel like getting into the pool today.