Monday, October 10, 2011

WAY too much information, but too funny not to share

Manny and I were discussing his new school and I was asking him if he liked having brand new bathrooms with automatic hand warmers (it's the little things that impress a 6-year-old).  

Manny then says he doesn't poop (can't believe I just typed that) at school because the toilets are "WAY too loud and you know what?  Sometimes they flush when I haven't even finished!  Can you believe that?"  Then he goes on to explain to me how he stands to the side of the toilet when he urinates so that the sensor doesn't go off before he's finished.

(I apologize to anyone who is offended by the grossness of this post, but come one, he's a funny kid).

Kenzie says...

eye lacks=eye lashes
lumberjack cheese=colby jack cheese

The other day Kenzie was reading to me from her book, she stopped and asked, "Mama, what is this upside-down i and how come it is at the end of my sentence?"  She was asking about the exclamation point.