Saturday, May 30, 2009

Makenzie and her Body Butter

Makenzie loves to smell lotion, any kind of lotion, but her favorite is body butter.

Whenever she finds some she has to have the cover taken off so that she can smell it over and over and then offer a smell to whoever is standing near by. Not only does the other person have to smell the body butter, they have to say "mmmmm", just like Kenzie.

More Mother's Day pictures

Makenzie showing GG Casey (the parrot):

Kenzie getting a ride from Uncle:

Manny checking out a mussel (and trying to decide if he is going to eat it):

Manny finally tries the mussel and then proceeds to eat about 10 more:

Mother's Day 2009

We spent Mother's Day with GG, Mom, Aunt Carol, Uncle John, Sarah and Phil. We started the day going to church with GG and then we went to Angler's in Newport.

But first, Sarah came to visit and entertain the kids:

Mom, GG and Aunt Carol in the aprons that Manny and Makenzie painted:

Sarah and Manny:

GG and I:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hanging out at the Playground

Having a snack:

Look at Me:


Playing at the Playground (aka, one of they only nice days we have had this spring)

Kenzie contemplating the slide:

McKayla and Roman climbing to the top:

Kenzie watching all the kids:

Roman and Manny on the fire truck:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birthday Party

I asked Manny today what kind of Birthday Party he would like to have this year (meaning theme).

He replied, "the kind of party with presents."

Friday, May 08, 2009

Open House

Manny's preschool recently had an Open House and a lot of family member joined us for the evening since Joe was unable to attend because he had to work.

Manny leading GG around the classroom:

Manny reading a book to Grammy:

Kenzie and Grampa playing with the train:

Third Time's a Charm?

Manny has started his third year of Mighty Mites Soccer and could it be that the third time's a charm? When the coach blew the whistle and sat down and listened and then participated in all of the drills....yay Manny!

McKayla and Manny playing red light, green light:

Practicing dribbling the ball:

Practicing drills:

Kristian and Makenzie playing their own soccer game:

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The long-awaited play date

After many weeks, okay months of, "we should get the boys together". Kim and I finally got Manny and Chasen together to play.

Here are the boys digging holes in the driveway:

Manny, Chasen, and Chasen's cousins playing in the sandbox:

Kenzie loving the sandbox too:

Dancing with the cousin

A couple of weeks ago Manny and Makenzie's cousin Gracie came down to visit. Of course that involved a trip to Toys R Us where Gracie bought a dancing game.

Gracie and Makenzie loved it as you can see.

Love this Picture!

I had just taken Kenzie out of the tub and she was wrapped up in a towel when Joe snapped this it!