Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sea Dog's Game

We went to a family weekend cookout and Sea Dog's Game. We have a lot of pictures from the actual game, but here a few:

Playing with Uncle. When I look at this picture, it seems like Manny is really high up in the sky, but he's really not. I love it.

Uncle and Kenzie through the "fish eye" lense. Phil didn't move from this chair for like 2 hours. It didn't help that eventually someone handed him a bag of chocolate chip cookies, then he really didn't move.

Dad, Andrew and Manny took a walk to other side of the stadium:

Kenzie and I enjoying the game:

Hanging Out at Sand Beach

This was such a fun day at the beach. Makenzie actually had a fun time as well. Manny loved playing in this little area of water. It had been raining for at least 5 days before we went, so it was great to get outside.

Loving her crackers:

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cascade Park

A couple of weekends ago, we decided to visit Cascade Park. Joe and I have lived in the Bangor area for around 10 years and have never actually been inside Cascade Park. It is so beautiful.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Computer Time!

It did not take long for Makenzie to form a love for the computer.

Here she is watching Manny play a counting/phonics game:

I think Joe is trying to give her a finance lesson:

Big Girl!

Makenzie has started squirming around/crawling. I came around the corner today and she had crawled to the kitchen and was sitting there playing with Manny's telephone. She was too cute!


We went to the coast a couple of weeks ago and Makenzie wouldn't take a nap...even though she was exhausted. Apparently, Uncle Phil has the magic touch. They were sitting in this camp chair for a total of two minutes before she was asleep.

I think he gave her a sip of what was in his "coffee" mug.

PS. How cute is Makenzie's dress....I made that!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

A fun day with GG

GG came to visit a couple of days ago and she and Manny sat there for at least an hour putting puzzles together (P.S. GG has the patience of an angel).

This was after eating popsicles. I laugh when I see this picture, two peas in a pod.

Mama's Little Helper

Manny loves to help me make dinner and tonight was no exception. He decided that he wanted to try cutting up the onion for the stir-fry:

Then he wanted to help take the tails off the shrimp:

Then I had to change his job when I noticed he was eating the shrimp as fast as he could take the tails off:

Sleeping Beauty

Makenzie actually traveled from the car to the house...AND REMAINED SLEEPING!! She never does that, she must have been really tired. I looked and she had both hands behind her head and looked so cute!

Ahoy There Matey!

Manny's third Birthday Party was a Pirate Birthday...complete with a Pirate Ship Cake. Manny loved this cake and I was happy because it was the easiest of his Birthday Cakes to make.

We had a great day, thanks to all who came to celebrate it!