Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I happened to walk by Makenzie while she was laying in bed reading. I should mention that I had a dark chocolate Hersey Kiss in my mouth and that Kenzie can sense chocolate from at least a mile away.

She looked at me, and asked, "Mama, what are you eating?"
I said, "a snack"
Kenzie: "What kind of a snack?"
Me: "a snack"
Kenzie pondered this for a few seconds and then said, "I think I would like to have a hug please".
Knowing that the end was near, I leaned down to give her a hug.
Kenzie pulled away, thought for another few seconds and said, "Mama, I smell something brown, do you have chocolate?"

Guess who else got a dark chocolate Hersey kiss?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Look who else went to school this year!

Kenzie started preschool this year at ABC Preschool in Brewer. She attends on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-12:30pm. She brings her lunch to eat with her friends.


Everyday the teacher writes on the board a message for kids:

Makenzie' cubby and her cup:

All ready for school:

Monday, September 06, 2010

What does Kenzie do as soon as Manny is on the bus?

She runs home:

She paints:

She plays with play doh:

When she is done, it's 9:30am and we still have a good 6 hours before Manny will be home, what to do with the rest of the day?
At first she repeated, "Mama, let's go get Manny from school", "Mama is it time for Manny to come home yet?"
and then we made macoroni and cheese for lunch and all was right in the world:


Manny started kindergarten at Capri Street School in Brewer on August 30, 2010. He was ready to go to school and loved the fact that he got to go to school ALL DAY!

We started the morning with our traditional chocolate chip pancakes!

We took the posed pictures in the backyard:

One last hug before the bus came:

And there he goes:

Twas the Night Before Kindergarten...

...and Manny requested lobster and mussels for his "last meal"

Friday, September 03, 2010

A new recipe

Manny has discovered a love for making deserts. He likes to look in the refrigerator and the cupboards pulls out a little of this, a little of that and decides how he will mix them together to obtain his culinary masterpiece.

His latest attempt was a bread/milk/jelly desert.

Step One: soak the bread in milk (sorry, Christine)

Step Two: Swish the bread around in the bowl so that the milk gets really wet and mushy (again, sorry, Christine)

Step Three: Dry the milk off a little bit on a towel so that it doesn't drip

Step Four: Spread the bread with strawberry jam

Step Five: Try a bite, but first put a Toy Story muffin liner on your head

Step Six: Decide that the desert is not Five Star quality