Monday, February 25, 2008

The Start of Potty-Training?

Last night, I heard Manny go into the bathroom, but didn't think anything of it because I was feeding Makenzie and Manny often wanders into the bathroom.

I heard him move his stool, I still wasn't worried because he often moves it closer to the sink to wash his hands or moves it under the light switch to turn it on.

A few seconds later I see him run out of the bathroom, but stop in the living room and then run into the kitchen. I could hear Joe talking to Manny and began to get curious.

Manny had taken his diaper off, moved his stool near the toilet and attempted to pee. He told Joe, "Mine no pee, too dark". Then he had run into the living room and found an empty play cup and peed in that. (He missed a little bit, but I thought that was a pretty good try).

Hopefully we are on our way to no more diapers...we will see.

Manny Says...

Manny woke up this morning and the first thing he said to me was,

"Mama, we have no hotdogs"

My Dad would be proud that the first words out of Manny's mouth were about hotdogs.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Lunar Eclipse

So, Joe stood outside for HOURS on Wednesday night to capture the eclipse with his camera. I enjoyed looking at the pictures the next day from our nice warm office rather than watch the "live event" outside in the freezing cold.

I took Manny and Makenzie to get their pictures taken this week at JCPenney. They came out so cute! They were playing on the floor and I decided to take some of my own pictures. I wish Joe was home so that the pictures would have been really good (he is a much better photographer than me).

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Political Affiliation for a toddler



Today, Joe and I were talking about the election and I asked Manny if he was going to be a Democrat or a Republican? He said, "Pub-ah-lick-in". Hmmm, I thought, so I asked Manny again, Are you going to be a Republican or a Democrat? He said, "Dem-crat".

Joe said to Manny, "Manny, Daddy is a Republican and Mama is a Democrat, which do you want to be, a Republican or a Democrat?" Manny said, "Manny want be a butterfly."

There you have it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Manny Says...

Manny says, "Macky-Roni" for Macoroni and Cheese.

Monday, February 11, 2008

How to Quiet a Screaming Makenzie

One day last week (I know, I am a little behind), I apparently was taking too long to make Makenzie's bottle and she was screaming louder than anything you can imagine.

Manny did his usual, "Oh, Kenzie, it's okay. Honey, it's okay, let me kiss you". He was doing all the tricks that he could think of All of a sudden from the kitchen where I was trying to figure out why I was taking so long to make a bottle, I heard silence.

I listened for a minute and when I still didn't hear anything I quickly went into the living room (of course I was thinking the worst). But, what did I see? Manny was laying on the floor next to Makenzie and he had put her pacifier in her mouth. He looks up at me and says, "See Mama, she's happy now."

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Manny Says....

Manny doesn't like when Makenzie cries and always says, "Mama (or Daddy) pick her up".

I didn't think it was because he was annoyed that she was crying, but I wanted to find out for sure.

I asked him why I have to pick her up? He answered, "because it makes her happy".

What a sweet boy.

Manny says...

Annie MovieWe recently purchased the movie Annie (which I LOVE and thought Manny would too, turns out Joe is a bit of a fan as well).

Anyway, Manny has an Auntie Annie and a cousin Gracie who just came to visit after Makenzie was born.

Yesterday Manny was trying to tell me that he wanted to watch the movie "Gracie". It took me several requests to figure out that he wanted to watch Annie, but he was mixing up their names.

When I finally figured it out and asked him if he meant Annie, he said, "Oh yes, yes, yes, Manny watch Annie, not Gracie, mine forgot."

Friday, February 01, 2008

Chocolate Fondue

Need I say more? Not if I am speaking to Manny.

Manny has such a love of chocolate that when he even says the word, he uses a different voice and his facial expression changes to one of adoration.

For Christmas I received a chocolate fondue pot for my yankee swap gift....yay.

Manny's curiosity finally got the better of him and he asked me what was in the box and when we could make the chocolate things that were pictured on the box. So I told him that after dinner we could make chocolate.

His head almost started spinning he was so excited. All day he continued to remind me that we were going to "make chocolate".

Our first visit to GG's

Last Tuesday Manny, Makenzie and I decided to go visit GG (plus GG was quite anxious to see her great-grandchildren :).

Manny Says...

The other day, Joe called from work and wanted me to record the Presidental debates on his computer...on MSNBC. First, I don't even know what channel MSNBC is, so I had to look for that and then I couldn't find where it said, debate or anything Presedential.

I was getting frustrated and said, "Grrr, Joe, I can't even find this". Manny looked at me, laughed and said, "Joe not at home, Joe at work Mama"