Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What happens when you give Manny stickers

Grammy gave Manny a sheet of smiley face stickers to take home. They didn't make it out of GG's living room:

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How Much Should a Grown Man Spend on Legos?

Over the last two months, Joe has spent $185 on legos, "for Manny". I know that legos are expensive, however, our child is two years old and I find $185 spent on anything (short of an emergency room bill) is a bit excessive.

I brought this up to Joe last night, expressing my concern at the Ramos family supporting the lego industry all by ourselves.

Joe's reply? "He plays with them all the time"

Jen: "All 3 billion peices?"

Joe: "Well, if he only had 10 peices, then I couldn't play legos too"


Now we have our answer. Daddy just wants to play with legos. That is when I remembered that I had taken these pictures a couple of weeks ago:

Manny humoring Daddy and actually playing with the legos:

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Manny getting out of Daddy's way so that Daddy can play:

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Monday, September 10, 2007

What happens when Manny has some alone time

So, today I was busy getting ready to go do some errands and Manny was playing in his room. I hadn't heard anything from in a few minutes and when I was ready to go, I went in to get him.

I entered his room and saw that he has climbed up on his changing table and he was sitting with his back towards me. Okay, I thought, we will have to watch him more closely, because yes he got up there, but could he get down without falling? I don't care if he climbs up there as long as he doesn't go head-first into the floor.

As I got closer I saw that he was rubbing his hands together. He has climbed up there and opened up a brand new bottle of desitine and he had it ALL OVER HIMSELF. He looked at me an smiled, saying, "Mama, rub cream on hands."

What could I say at this point? I ran to get the camera:

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As I got him changed and ready to go (again), he climbed up on the kitchen counter and covered himself in chalk (not 10 minutes after the desitine incident)...sorry no pictures of that adventure.
So as of 9:00am, Manny had worn three shirts and two pairs of pants.