Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Trying to fill her belly"

Manny was trying to feed Makenzie some applesauce and I asked him what he was doing and he said, "We are taking turns filling our belly"

A bite for Manny:

A bite for Kenzie:

Happy Halloween

Manny and Makenzie getting ready for Halloween.

Someone's in the kitchen

Kenzie loves to play with Manny's kitchen set especially since her balance is getting a little better.

We had an incident today...

Makenzie and Manny were riding in the "car cart" at the grocery store when Makenzie decided she wanted out....and wasn't going to wait for me to help her.

She landed on the floor face-first and seemed to bounce (I am not sure she actually bounced, but in my imagination that is the horrifying image in my head).

I picked her up and there was blood streaming out of her mouth and all I could think of was, "Okay, I can take Manny to Christine's, I think my friend Holly is working in the ER today, hopefully she can do Makenzie's stitches....).

Fast forward ten minutes, we are back home, the bleeding has stopped and Makenzie is playing with Mac the Truck. Hmmmm...I may have overreacted.

Here is a picture of her lip (her right side is slightly puffy).

Our family of Lobster socks has grown

Last summer Mom gave Manny and I lobster socks (Joe didn't want a pair...wonder why?)

This year we have a trio of Lobster socks (and a much more difficult time taking a picture).

PS Sorry Christine, I couldn't line up all the seams and fix all the pant hems AND take a picture :)

Making a list...

One of Manny's favorite days of the month is when his Lego magazine comes in the mail. He pours over the pages for days and days. He carries it around with him for at least a week.

Pointing out which Lego sets he already has and which sets he would like to have

Pee Wee Explorers Week Two

I know these pictures are really bad, the lighting in the fire station was horrible.

McKayla practicing her medical skills...

Watching Fireman Chandler demonstrate his gear...

Amazed that they could still see the fireman's hand print on the wall with the heat-seeking camera.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Manny Says...

The other day Manny was trying to take apart one of his Thomas Trains (again) and he was explaining to Grammy and I that he needed to get a screw driver. He came back in the room and had the following conversation:

Grammy: Did you fix it?
Manny: Yes, I needed a Philip screwdriver, just like me, Manny Philip Ramos. Not the flat one.
Grammy: Manny, you are so funny. I don't know any other three-year-olds that know the difference between screwdrivers.
Manny: Maybe their Daddy's could teach them.

Here comes the Sun!

Everyday for the last week, Joe has asked me if the UPS guy has dropped off a package yet? The answer was no, until today.

Joe finally got his solar lens in the mail today so that he can point his camera right at the sun and take a picture without burning his eyes out.

So, get ready, here comes the sun...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Halloween Preview

Manny as Super Man:

At first Manny wanted to be Spiderman, but soon changed his mind to Super Man. As usual, I scoured eBay for a costume with Manny sitting on my lap in anticipation. Almost every costume on eBay was either too big for Manny or too small. At one point Manny said in a very small voice, "Maybe I can't be Super Man Mama". When I asked him, "Why do you say that?". "Because you can't find my size". It was at the moment, looking at his sad little face that I said, "Manny I don't care if Mama has to pay $100 for your Halloween costume, you WILL be Super Man for Halloween". He looked at me, smiled and said, "I love you Mama."

Kenzie as a Lady Bug. I was all set for Makenzie to be a pumpkin for Halloween, but then I found this Lady Bug costume from the same seller on eBay for $1.00. How can you not buy a costume this cute when it only costs $1.00?

She wasn't too thrilled with having her picture taken so Manny had to take it.

What a lucky girl I am....

...two Ladie's Nights in one week, so I had to put it in the blog.

Heather, Christine and I went to Margarita's for Ladie's Night last Thursday and it was way overdue. We had great food, great drinks (sorry Heather next time you can have a drink!) and even better conversation (except for the waiter who kept bringing up the election...he was a great guy though)

Then on Saturday Mom, Aunt Carol, Sarah and I met for a day of shopping in Augusta. It was so much fun to just get together and shop, eat, drink and go to a movie (Nights at Rodanthe...a good movie, not so sure about the $17.50 we paid for the vat of popcorn and the gallons of soda, but oh well)

Um, by the end of the day it was a little difficult to shut the trunk!

The Neigborhood's Trip to Treworgy

Last Friday, we went with Manny's preschool to Treworgy Farms to pick apples, gourds and see the goats.

Playing with Allie, I don't think she was very impressed:

This is a straight line in preschool terms. She was showing them a basket of apples. Almost all of the apples had been blown off the trees due to heavy wind and rain.

Makenzie enjoying an apple (her favorite fruit)

Manny eating an apple with "freazin' fingers"

Helping to make apple cider:

Feeding the goats:

Waiting for snack, Manny, Allie, McKayla and Nicholas

Sarah Palin Rally

We took both kids to the Sarah Palin Rally at the airport last week.

After waiting in line for about 2 hours, we were finally able to get in the building just as it started to rain (yay!)

When they decided to forgo the security checks it was a free-for-all to get in the building so we were pretty much trampled by adults (boo!)

They wouldn't allow people to bring signs into the building, but they passed out little signs for people to hold up so that we couldn't really see anything (boo!)

Manny finally got his snack (yay for everyone!)

We finally found Roman and McKayla. Here is Manny showing Roman his sign:

At the end of the rally they started playing music, Manny and McKayla decided it was time to do a little two-step:

Boy's Night

A couple of weeks ago Uncle came down to take Manny out for "Boy's Night". They went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then went to the mall (two of Manny's favorite places).

All day Manny asked, "When is Uncle coming?", "Is Uncle going to come soon?", "Maybe you Uncle can meet us at Texas Roadhouse".

When Uncle called Manny to tell him he would be at the house in a few minutes, Manny said, "I don't think I can wait that long" (it was about 10 minutes.

We had a little tumbling practice before they left:

Manny trying to do a somersault:

Uncle doing a somersault:
Manny all buckled up and ready to go:

The reason for the somersaults is that Joe and I tried to do them in the yard, and I just have to say it is a lot harder to do one when you are an adult and realize the extent of neck injuries.
I maintain that the reason Phil can do them is because he a gym teacher and he gets paid to do it. I would love to have Phil as a gym gymnastics. I was never coordinated enough to be able to do gymnastics, I despised doing gymnastics in gym class....from all the big girls in the world
Thank you Mr. Mosley for no gymnastics!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Look what I found

Joe and I have been working on scanning some of our old pictures and look what I found. This was from my 1985 dance class, so I was 5 years old.

I am the third girl from the right:

I am the fourth girl from the left:

"Are you sure there's no more lobster Mama?"

Uncle brought us back a couple of lobsters from Portland (I couldn't believe they were only $3.50/lb!), so I made some lobster spaghetti...I tried not to look to closely at the nutritional value of all the ingredients (butter, cream etc), but it was so good!

As I was taking apart the lobsters, Manny would eat the lobster faster than I could stop him, so I had to move away from him...what can I say he loves all seafood.

A new mode of transportation?

What tastes better...

than pancakes with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries?

Not much according to Makenzie! I don't usually let her eat without a shirt on, but I also like to keep her clothes somewhat clean!

A Beautiful Trip to Bar Harbor

Is it any wonder why we try to spend as much time in Bar Harbor as we can?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pee Wee Explorers

Our first outing with the Pee-Wee Explorers group was to Paper 'n Clay in Bangor. Gwen showed the kids the kiln, what pieces looked like before and after they were fired and then they were able to choose a piece and paint. I had a lot of fun and I think Manny did too, or at least he tolerated it.

McKayla, Roman and Manny:

Checking out the glaze:

Deep in thought:

Concentrating really hard:

Getting every little detail just right: