Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is it sad...

...that Manny is learning Mandarin faster than I am?

Just Relaxing before bed

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A couple of weeks ago Makenzie had her first taste of jello. Note to self: try to find clear jello for the second taste.

More please:

My little Chef

Kenzie loves to help cook, she loves to stir, she loves to dump stuff in bowl, oh yeah, and she likes to eat.

Anytime you are cooking, you can be sure that Kenzie will be right there wanting to sit on the counter and help.

(and no, she has NEVER been burned by a pan).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Music and Singing

Manny loves to listen to songs on my IPod. He even sings every once in a while:

"Organizer, Organizer, I'm an Organizer, You're an Organizer" (Womanizer)

"All the Single Ladies, All the Single Ladies, Put a Ring on It" (Beyonce)

(PS no making fun of my play list)

Children's Museum

We ventured to the Children's Museum a couple of weeks ago with our friends Nicholas and Time and their Mom, Amy. The kids had a lot of fun especially since we brought our lunch!

Kenzie trying to keep up with the big kids:

Makenzie and Tim driving the delivery truck:

Manny, Nicholas and Makenzie doing some puzzles in the library room:

Playing with magnets:

Story Time

Most Thursdays we meet Manny's friend Anika at the Bangor Library for Story Time. They get along really well and usually have a fun time together.

They were pretending to be caterpillars and working their way under the chairs:

Manny and Ani:

Tickle, Tickle

Makenzie and Manny were having the best time playing together on the couch. I love hearing them giggle together!

Matching Pajamas

For Makenzie's birthday, she received a pair of Car's pajamas from Joshua. She honestly loves them and she giggles when she sees them on her body. I don't know if she is laughing because she loves to play with cars or because they are almost the same as Manny's pajamas. We'll probably never know!

Playing at Open Gym

Another play day at Open Gym in Bangor!

Making Valentine's Cookies

(Yes, I know, I am way overdue with blog entries!)

We made sugar cookies with frosting to give as Valentine's Day gifts. Manny loved the rolling/cutting out of the cookies, he didn't really enjoy the frosting part.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We are deep in the midst of renovating our kitchen and I was left to paint. Yesterday Manny decided that he would try to help me paint.

He picked up the paint roller, poured out some paint and tried to start painting. I had to explain to him that he could help, but he just had to wait for me so that he didn't get paint on his clothes.

He left the room and returned 2 minutes later-completely naked. He must have noticed my strange look when he said,

"Mama I didn't want to get paint on my clothes"