Friday, December 30, 2011


We decided instead of and Advent calendar this year, the kids would take turns opening a book each night before Christmas.  The kids were very excited.  Some of these books were already in our collection and some were new books.

What you look like when you are allowed to pick the first book (I put their names in a hat and drew Manny's as the first name.)
What you look like when you are over-tired and you are not allowed to pick the first book:

Just to be fair, here is Kenzie picking the book for December 2:

Veteran's Day Parade

Kenzie and I hung out with some of her friends at ABC Preschool to watch the Veterans Day Parade.  Kenzie is second from the right:
We saw a lot of Veterans (who were VERY excited to see all of the little kids waving their flags!)

And then, look who is making his parade debut as  Tiger Cub!!

A little education for the parents

Manny's class recently spent 2 months studying Native American cultural and history and did a museum-style presentation for all of the parents.  Manny was our tour guide as he led us around the room to each exhibit.

I, Manny, promis to do my duty... be a very proud Cub Scout!

It's a good thing we have a Tiger Cub in the house...