Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who Needs to call a plumber...

...when you have two little fix-its at home?

Manny came out of the bathroom one day and said, "Mama can you come in here for just a minute, I really need to show you something?".

I followed him in there and he said, "Stick your head right down there and watch." I stuck my head down and looked at the pipes. Manny turned that water on and said, "watch Mama, keep watching, keep watching". I finally saw a little trickle of water. Manny said, "see that Mama, we have a HUGE leak. I think I will try to fix it."

He went to his room and retrieved his tool box. Then he tracked down his assistant Makenzie who was more than happy to help.

He instructed Makenzie to climb up on the toilet and run the water for him when he asked her to and to stop it when he, "located that HUGE leak" (seriously, those were his words).

They weren't able to stop the leak, but guess what was the first thing they told Joe when he got home?!

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