Monday, January 05, 2009

Christma Eve with the Ramos'

Some pictures from Christmas Eve in The County.

An attempt at a family photo:

The Great Uncle Louis putting Makenzie to sleep:

And then flying Manny around the room on his shoulder:

Manny and Gracie:


Christine said...

Does that look on Joe's face mean that he has the remote start for the camera? And what about that look on your face, Jen? I'm not too sure what to make of it.

Did you make Great Uncle's shirt out of the same fabric used for Makenzie's dress? They look practically identical!

The Ramos Family said...

We had like 5000 of the same photo and I didn't feel like finding the "best" picture, so I picked one. I think this picture was "everyone make a funny face".

Isn't that funny that his shirt and Kenzie's dress matched.

Just for the record I said great (as in awesome) Uncle Louis. (I don't want him to feel too old :)

Christine said...

I figured that - with the Great thing. He certainly doesn't look old enough to be the GREAT uncle (not that a GREAT uncle has to be old or anything), but I can tell because of the matching shirt that he's a Great Uncle. You know what I mean.