Thursday, January 08, 2009

Makenzie Christmas Morning

Playing with some toys:
I decided that I wanted to get Makenzie a doll for Christmas. I didn't want it to talk, cry, pee or poop. I wanted to just get her a doll. Do you know how hard it is to find "just a doll"? I actually took Makenzie to Toys R Us with me to help pick it out. Since I had such a hard time finding a doll that didn't come with accessories, I decided on a stuffed animal. So I walked Kenzie down the animal aisle and she picked out a stuffed tiger. She grabbed the tiger and hugged it and sat down in the cart with it. We were heading over the to other side of the store when Makenzie suddenly stood up, dropped the tiger over the side of the cart onto the floor and started pointed and making sounds. I looked and she was pointing to a Raggedy Anne doll. I gave it to her and she did not let go of it until I had to wrangle it out of her hands at the checkout.

Playing with the conductor to the train:

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