Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day parade

We met Christine, McKayla, Kristian downtown for the Veteran's Day parade where we also met up with Nicolle, Carly and Johannah. The kids had fun time playing and were really good and loved the parade.

Grampa and the Shrine Band playing in the parade. Grampa is in the back on the right playing the trumpet.

Kristian, McKayla, Johannah, Carly (I think, hopefully I got it right!), Manny, Makenzie

Johannah, Carly, McKayla, Manny and Kristian:

PS I will always be grateful for this doorway that allowed Manny to go pee in the potty...just in case you are wondering this is the first day of potty training and Manny has been dry all day and gone to the bathroom 4 times as of 1:30pm! woohoo!!!


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