Friday, July 08, 2011

Corinna Union Academy Reunion

Recently I had the opportunity to take Gram to her 89th High School Reunion (89th!!) at Corinna Union Academy. It was really interesting to see where Gram went to High School and to go through the museum. They had copies of year books from just about every year! I really enjoyed my night with Gram and I think she did too.

Gram and Marion Collins, the only two students remaining from their class and still great friends:

Gram on the steps of Corinna Union Academy (that is now a museum)...can't you just picture her standing here 89 years ago?

Gram's Senior Yearbook photo and statistics, big surprise, she was involved in a lot of activities:

Gram on the basketball team (holding the basketball):

"One Who Has Done Most for the School":

Yearbook Staff (5th from the left in the front row):

Holding a picture of her brother in his graduating class:

Look how hot my date for the night is:

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