Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Visit to the Barn

One thing the kids had on their "list of things to do this summer" was to visit The Whitter Farm in Orono. To say that they love visiting the farm is an understatement, we spent over an hour wandering around looking at the cows and the horses and they still didn't want to go home yet, so we did one more tour of the farm.

When we left the house, I told the kids we were going to have a surprise. They tried to guess where we were going and then promptly fell asleep. When Manny woke up as we pulled into the farm he couldn't get out of the jeep fast enough:

I can't remember this cow's name, but she is the oldest cow that they have at the farm and the biggest, weighing in at 2200 pounds

Kenzie wasn't so excited about the large cows and pretty much had a death-grip on me for a while

Hello, there!

This girl as the patience of a saint. Manny and Makenzie latched onto her and asked her question after, "um, excuse me, I just have one more question". She knew all the cows names, who their parents were and just about every other vital statistic on these cows, it was quite impressive!

This calf is Penelope and she was born 2 HOURS before we got there!

Kenzie finally decided that the calves were just about the right size for her...

...and she couldn't get enough of the calves!

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