Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Party #2

Makenzie had some friends over for a Birthday Party. Reed, Kristian, Tim, Roman, McKayla and Nick came over for a little Birthday Party fun. We playes, we ate peanutbutter and jelly (lasagne for the big kids), played some more, ate some cake and then opened presents. It was great to see the kids playing together and it was especially great to catch up with the other parents.

Manny and Roman:

Manny and Reed enjoying their cupcakes:

Reed checking out the dancing and singing snowmen:

Enjoying dinner:

Playing on the top bunk. With eight kids we are lucky there were no casualties:

Kenzie and her favorite other Mama's, Heather:

and Christine:

Christine coloring inside the lines:

McKayla and Nick:

Kristian enjoying his cupcake?


McKayla's sweet smile:

Kristian taking a little quiet time to himself:

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