Sunday, August 09, 2009

China Trip Part 2

We arrived in Beijing, China at about 10:30pm and were totally exhausted. Before we could exit the plane members of the Chinese government boarded the plane and took our temperatures. If you had a fever you would be detained and put in quarantine. A little scary.

We took a taxi from the Beijing airport to the Qianmen Hotel. It was beautiful! The next morning we met with the other members of our group, the Bus C family as we all affectionately called ourselves.

The hotel:

Bus C:

Our awesome tour guide, Wu:

We visited the Forbidden City in Beijing. It is the world's largest palace complex with courtyards and beautiful architecture. It is surrounded on all sides by a 20 foot deep moat and a 30 foot high wall.

We were supposed to head to Tienanmen Square, however, it is the rainy season in China:

As soon as it started raining there were several dozen men and women out selling umbrellas and ponchos. This is our tour guide, Wu, who had to buy the green poncho and pink umbrella so that he could run across the courtyard of the Forbidden City to look for some lost sheep :)

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